The Story of I'm Mini


Once upon a time back in 2016, my daughter was in her first year of primary school and one day she came home from school with an activity pack for the weekend, based on the nursery rhyme Incy Wincy Spider.




Incy Wincy Spider became my light bulb moment!



It got me thinking that you could have little weekend activity packs based not just on nursery rhymes but on all sorts of different themes such as the weather, buildings, transport, mini beasts etc. So I got to work, I created 16 activity packs for my daughters' school for their reception children to have fun with over the weekend. They included a selection of worksheets with different activities such as a bug hunt that allowed them to go and explore the world around them.



As a result of great feedback from the school and the parents, the idea progressed into becoming what I'm Mini is today. I began to design boxes based on different careers, jobs or hobbies. I wanted to create a box that had a variety of elements so that it gave children the opportunity to have fun playing and to learn something at the same time but that also encouraged them to use their own imaginations. The boxes aim to motivate a child's interest and give them the opportunity to nurture their own imaginations and ideas.


My three children have been a huge inspiration for I'm Mini. They make me see the world differently - from their eyes! They view the world so differently from adults. They see adventure in everything and are always curious about the world around them. My children are a huge part of I'm Mini and have helped me with ideas for my boxes especially my eldest daughter. 


In the early days of my business I was finding it difficult to create a child friendly logo for I'm Mini, so who better to create one for me than my eldest daughter. She designed the logo which represents her and her siblings. It's perfect, as they are the reason behind I'm A Mini and it represents not only my children, but all other children reaching for the stars.

My daughter's original drawing of our logo!







Follow your dreams! I am and I want to encourage all children to believe in themselves and follow their own dreams!



Rebecca Hove





Take a look at our collection of activity boxes we have so far, more boxes will be added in the future - watch this space!


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