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Thanks for dropping by. You are probably wondering what we are all about,

so here goes!


In a mini nutshell, I'm A Mini is a box full of wonders - an opportunity for your child  to explore new worlds and learn new things - but through play!


They can decide what they want to be - choose a job they would like to do when they are older or start a new hobby, then lift the lid on new experiences and journey into different worlds!


As a Mini, they will get to have fun, use their imagination and create their very own adventure. Plus they will learn a little something too!


Loved by kids and parents alike - I'm A Mini motivates new interests, nurtures ideas and encourages new skills - all through games and creativity.


"Bought 2 of these boxes for my grandson didn’t know what to expect but he loved them. Very well presented and excellent learning experience. The astronaut and football box brilliant" - Mrs Wright


So what are you waiting for?

 Help your child explore the world of I'm A Mini



Our Activity Boxes


I'm A Mini boxes are fun activity boxes that offer amazing experiences of learning through play. Your child will get to explore different worlds and go on their own Mini Adventure. 




" I liked the Mini Explorer box. I found a snail and my brother didn't. We got to look at it. It was so, so, so fun - I loved it! "

Kendall - aged 7


Why choose I'm A Mini?


Well, it represents the four cornerstones of happy and healthy kids - a little something here at HQ we like to call




That's right!

LIFE can be broken down into four important parts


  Learning   Imagination   Fun   Exploring



Learning is something we all do through life but learning is especially important when you are young because kids are like a sponge on the side of a bath - just waiting to soak up as much water as possible. No one wants to be a dry sponge!

With I'm A Mini, imagination knows no bounds. Be an astronaut or an explorer discovering new things - all with the power of your mind! During the holidays your child could transport themselves to another world. Imagine the stories they could tell when they go back to school!

Everyone needs to have fun - fun by themselves, fun with friends and fun with family. With I'm A Mini, they can enjoy the experince alone or with others and once they become an official Mini, they will want a Mini friend to join in on their adventures.

The world is there for them to explore and all good explorers need a place to keep their things. With I'm A Mini, everything fits into their chosen box and best of all they can put it away on their bookshelf  - great for storing of all their wonderful finds.


No batteries required, minimum packaging to throw away and the box is great as storage too, so everything can stay in the box!! Happy days!


So, there we have it - learn, imagine, have fun and explore with I'm A Mini.

In other words live LIFE to the fullest!



For I'm A Mini, live Life to the full, for the Real World Is Where It's At!


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